Vision System Based Matchstick
Counting & Filling/Making Machine

Matchbox Making Machine Front View
Matchbox Making Machine Left View
Matchbox Making Machine Back View
Matchbox Filling Machine Right View
Matchbox Filling Machine Top View
Matchbox Filling Machine Perspective View

Matchbox Filling/Making Machine

    In 2016, we at Best Enterprises launched the world’s first matchstick counting system, that revolutionised the way matchsticks are filled .In match industries maintaining the right stick count is essential to pass quality checks boost the brand value and to maximise savings.

    Other filling systems (online-filling and maintain the exact stick count,leading to undercount of sticks.when compensations for this error,2 or 3 extra sticks are packed into many matchboxes which adds to a significant wastage of matchsticks.

Why Count Based Filling ?

    Our counting system uses high quality imaging stepup and real-time image processing algorithm to maintain an astounding counting speed of 325 matchsticks/seconds. This leads to an industry leading counting accuracy* of +/-2 sticks in every matchbox, even at the production speed of 28 strokes/minute.

Matchbox Filling Machine Accuracy Accuracy
+/- 2 Sticks Per Box
Matchbox Filling Machine Savings Savings
System maintains 99.9% average count per carton, so averagely no extra sticks
Matchbox Filling Machine No Under-count No under-count problem
With counting based filling your brands can pass even the tightest quality checks
Matchbox Filling Machine brand Boosts brand value
Consistent count value in all boxes improves reputation of your brands in both local and export markets
Matchbox Filling Machine Exact Exact stick count
You can exactly set 39 or 40 or 41 sticks for your brand, which is not possible in volumetric filling
Matchbox Filling Machine Quality Quality of sticks doesn’t affect count
Head size or roughness of sticks can significantly vary the count in volumetric filling which is not the case in counting based filling.

Machine Specification

Product Specification
Machine Production Speed 25-30 Strokes Per Min.
Boxes Per Stroke 17 Boxes
Boxes Per Minute @ 25 Strokes 425 Boxes
Boxes Per Minute @ 30 Strokes 510 Boxes
Count Accuracy +/- 2 Sticks Per Box
Maximum Number of Sticks Per Box 60 Sticks

Electrical Specification
Electrical Supply 3-Phase, 415 VAC
Frequency 50 HZ
Power Required 14 HP / 10.5 kW

Pnuematic Specification
Minimum Air Pressure 6 Bar / 87 psi
Compressor Power 7.4 HP / 5.5 kW

Height 13 ft
Width 27 ft
Length 35 ft

Matchbox Filling Machine Broucher